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Get into Tough Zone: - Hiking
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There are many wonderful places throughout the world that are far enough from civilisation that hiking is the only way to reach them!
Hiking will open up the whole of the great outdoors, nearly everywhere can be hiked to if you're prepared to put in the miles and the days on the trail.

Hiking in the Tough Zone means exploring a little further from well defined tracks, taking on some nice long day hikes or even some hikes that take multiple days. You can camp overnight or you could still find remote inns or B&Bs for a bit more comfort.
Hiking is a very easy activity to get involved in. Just get some good walking shoes or hiking boots, perhaps a rucksack, pack a picnic and a bottle of water and you're off. Head out the door and hit the trail.

The only tricky bit is knowing where to go, luckily there are plenty of guides, routes, maps and more to give you some fantastic ideas. Following defined routes is a good way to get started as the route guide will explain the distances, terrain and what equipment you will need.

Written guides are available for everything from short day hikes to long endurance multi-day treks.

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Back pack and boots
Joining a hiking group, or finding an experienced hiker to help you on your first few trips can be valuable. Although, Drawn to the Wild, is amazing, there is only so much you can learn from research. Experienced hikers will be able to understand your experience and abilities and help you to plan and walk routes that will be interesting as well as help develop your hiking stamina.

Depending on the route, terrain, and weather conditions there will be a wide variety of equipment and clothing that you might need. As you progress with your hiking skills and knowledge you'll quickly learn what is important to take in each situation.
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