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Family Jogging
Jogging is really easy to get involved with, just a simple pair of trainers and you can be off! If you plan on jogging regularly you may wish to invest in some more suitable clothing, specifically designed for running and jogging, but to start with a light pair of shorts and a t-shirt should be fine.

If you are new to jogging or have not done any for a while it is better to ease yourself into it gently to give your muscles and joints time to get used to the activity. Jogging can cause some stress on ankles and knees so start easy and gently and build up as you feel your body getting fitter.  
Pair of running shoes
Special trainers/shoes designed for jogging and running can give your foot more support and cushion your steps which can lower the risk of injury or fatigue to your feet and legs (in fact your whole body), but when you're just starting out and taking things easy they are not essential.

However, some people find that any sports shoe or trainer can be comfortable for short runs and there is a growing group of joggers that go bare foot as it is believed that the feet, ankles and legs are perfectly designed for running without shoes. This, however, does come down to personal preference and the running surface.
Woman stretching
As with any sport it is important to keep well hydrated when jogging, particularly in hot weather or if you are jogging long distance so it is recommended to hydrate (drink clear, non-alcoholic fluids) before, during and after sport. Sports drinks containing added salts can assist in keeping you hydrated but are not essential, particularly for occasional or short distance joggers.

Remember to stretch and warm up muscles before heading out and don't worry about taking a break whenever you need. Pushing yourself too hard can make the activity less enjoyable and then you're less likely to stick with it.
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