Fotolia_69690786_XSMountaineering in the Ultimate Zone does pose some potentially serious risks and you should only undertake this type and level of activity if you are sufficiently experienced and fully prepared for the risks involved.

However, there are many ways that you can help reduce or eliminate certain risks and increase the possibility that you will reach the peak you are aiming for. Read the Safety Briefing below very carefully and seek some professional training to fully prepare you for this challenging activity.


Nearly everyone that goes to high altitude will experience some negative effects. These are usually relatively mild and pass within a few days of acclimatising. Common symptoms include nausea, trouble sleeping, fatigue, breathlessness. However, the higher you go (and the speed in which you gain altitude) can cause more serious conditions which can be fatal if not addressed properly. Taking precautions, understanding the effects of high altitude and know how to recognise and treat the symptoms is very important in keeping you safe. Make you sure learn (from professionals if necessary) as much as you can about surviving and staying safe at high altitude before you undertake you trip.



Professional Training: Nothing can compare to professional training delivered by qualified trainers who can carefully guide you through how to safely learn and practice the required techniques in a controlled environment.

Medical Advice: Before taking part in a new sport or activity you should consult your doctor or other healthcare worker to identify any potential risks to your wellbeing. This is particularly important if you are pregnant, elderly, suffered previous injuries, suffering from a long term medical condition, or disabled. Whilst these conditions do not preclude you from taking part in most activities, getting advise can help you adapt to suit your individual needs.


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