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If you want to do something VERY big then an Ultimate Expedition is the right place for you. There are lots of people who go on trips, some a epic trips to amazing places, but an Expedition is even bigger!

An expedition is usually an extended journey featuring an element which has a specific purpose rather than just travelling. This purpose could be to hike across an identifiable area such as the Sahara, or a country such as the USA, or you are reaching a specific point such as a mountain summit or the South Pole, it could be that you are adding a charity or community element by travelling and teaching in small communities or maybe you are conducting wildlife or environmental studies.

To make your trip an ‘expedition’ you should have this featured element which makes your trip stand out. A few days of hiking is just a hike, but hiking the entire length of South America is an Ultimate Expedition.

If you plan on planning your own Ultimate Expedition you need to think of everything and more! It is not an easy undertaking as expeditions tend to be lengthy, expensive and complicated journeys...but do not let that put you off; they can also be very rewarding.

Begin by identifying exactly what makes you trip special, what makes is an actual expedition rather than a holiday. Once you have got the basic idea you can expand on and start to plan how you will get there, and what you are going to eat etc. etc.

It is likely that you may want people to join you on your expedition either as company, or for safety or to help. Start by using social media and talking to your friends to see if anyone you know is looking for a challenge and may want to join you. If you struggle to find the right people who are free to take on the trip then you can start to use other websites to help you look for willing volunteers. If you are planning the trip for other people to join you, it is very important that you plan everything in detail and be honest with your participants about exactly what is entailed, how hard it will be and what will be expected of them. You do not want to have people signed up and ready to go then suddenly realise the trip is not going to be what you expected.

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