Surprising uses for condoms


Condoms can be very useful in a survival situation to carry water and are often carried in ‘Survival Kits’ by many outdoor enthusiasts. They are lightweight, easily carried, are sterile (whilst in their packet) and can hold a large quantity of water.

In a situation where water is scarce or for any other reason you need to contain or transport water then a condom can be filled with water and the end tied off. It is advisable to wash condoms before use if they are treated with lubricant of a spermicide.

Although condoms can stretch and hold a huge amount of water, they are not particularly durable, anything sharp (thorns, sharp stones, twigs, buckles etc.) is likely to puncture it. However, placing the condom inside a sock gives the outside much better resistance to scratches of points that could break it.



Whilst condoms, as described above are good at containing liquids, they are also very good at keep moisture out. There are a number of items that need to be kept dry; tinder for fire, matches, camera memory cards, batteries, folded documents etc. etc. Condoms are so stretchy that they can be used to keep many items dry, even large ones; even compact cameras and mobile can be placed inside condoms and, with the end tied, should stay dry. Placing it inside a sock or wrapped in a piece of cloth can help to prevent punctures.



Condoms can be used to make fire...yes really!! A clear condoms filled with a quantity water can be held in a particular way as to create a lens effect which can be focused on dry and combustible material to create fire. In exactly the same way as a magnifying glass can be focused, so too can the water filled condom, with bright sunlight to get the fire going.



Condoms are usually packed in sterile packets and they can be useful for putting over a wound that needs to be kept clean and/or dry. This will depend on the type of wound but a condom cut down its length can be placed or stretch over a wound and held in place by tape or bandage, helping to keep the wound clean from surrounding contamination.


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