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A trip to Antarctica, for most people, will be a once in a lifetime experience. Although there are many people who live part of the year on the Southern Continent, there is not much of an established tourist industry. There are no indigenous people on the continent and there are strict international laws designed to preserve, possibly, the last remaining true wilderness on the planet.

However, travel to Antarctica is possible. There are numerous cruise ships departing Argentina, Chile, Australia and New Zealand that head to the white continent but these trips may or may not land ashore and the trips onto land are likely to be tame and designed for the general tourist. Ultimate Antarctica focuses on the more exciting and epic journeys that can be undertaken!

If you wish to plan an expedition to Antarctica you are likely to need a lot of time, a lot of information, a lot of help, (and a lot of money) but the prospect of hiking, skiing or exploring the vast empty but beautiful landscapes can be a strong desire and well worth the effort.

If you are planning your own trip you are likely to need very specialist training or potentially experienced Antarctic travellers to assist in preparation. Whilst planning a trip like this would be incredible challenging (and expensive) it is possible and nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

There are a few organised excursions and races (such as Ultra Marathons) on Antarctica but these will require pre-registering. If you are lucky enough to get on one of these trips you will be rewarded with visiting one of the most amazing places on Earth with breath-taking scenery and extreme weather.


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