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Kayaking is a brilliant way of seeing the country side from a different perspective; from the water. There is a vast array of waterways that are perfect for kayaking- the sea, lakes, rivers, canals- and once you have purchased or hired your kayak and associated gear it is free. Just head to your favourite waterway, drop your kayak in the water and off you go.

In most kayaks there is some space inside, or racks on the outside that allow you to carry a modest amount of equipment with you, so it is brilliant if you want to take a picnic and make a day of it, or take some camping gear and turn your kayaking into a multi-day camping trip.

Take things at your own pace and (depending on your direction) you can relax and let the currents take you as you watch the beautiful scenery go past.

It can be a little expensive initially if you want to buy all of your own kit- kayak, paddle, buoyancy aid, spray jacket etc. etc. but it is possible to hire all of this kit by the hour or by day in numerous locations. Hiring kit also has the added bonus that you do not have to worry about transporting or storing kayaks (they do not fold neatly into the boot of a car).

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