Get into Tough Climbing


Tough Climbing is one of those activities where you need to have training and experience before venturing out on your own. Dangling from a rock face, a long way up in the air with only a rope to stop you from falling, means you need to know how to use that rope properly.

However, climbing is an activity that is easy to get into and get the right expert tuition to head you off in the right direction. Throughout the UK and in many, many countries are plenty of climbing clubs. Some are informal groups of friends, others are part of large outdoor pursuits organisation with a whole raft of others inbetween. The important thing is that all of these groups offer the chance to meet experienced climbing. A technical manual and a few online videos can teach you to climb...but learning from an experienced and qualified instructor will teach you how to climb safely!

Once you know how to climb, or you are heading off with experienced climbers there are a wonderful array of climbs the world over with more variety than there are words to describe them.

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