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EtchRock is the best place to discover a challenge. We have partnered with the worlds leading event organisers, charities, clubs, and brands to bring you the most adventurous challenges. EtchRock lets you record your training towards your challenge, connect with other participants and actively promote the challenge.

logoTaking on a personal challenge? EtchRock strive to support people attempting world records to personal bests. Looking to summit a peak, cycle the world, Row an ocean? Then EtchRock is the place for you. Link your personal fundraising account to your profile and raise awareness and donations for your challenge as you train towards your goal. EtchRock makes it easy to share your achievements across your social networks with the simple click of a button, let everyone know what you are up and the reasons for doing so!

One of our newest features allows users to create their own Virtual Challenges, for free! Set a Virtual Challenge target such as running 100 miles in a month, invite your friends and get training! See where you stack up against each other on the interactive leaderboard and push each other to reach your goal.

EtchRock has many new features currently in the pipeline including GPS tracking software integration, increased profile functionality and even an app on the way!

We hope this adventurous and inspirational community fuels your own desire and inspires you to take on a challenge.

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