Drawn to the Wild is packed with information about outdoor sports and activities but we also like to add specialist articles and film clips from other great websites with links that our users can follow to get a truly in-depth knowledge about the subjects they like. Contributing is a brilliant way of attracting targeted customers to your website.

We offer an exciting opportunity for sports and outdoor activity websites to contribute an article or film clip for our users to enjoy and learn from. In each item that in contributed we provide clear, direct links to contributers websites allowing a new (and FREE) source of users who are interested in a particular sport or activity. We always ensure that contributions from other websites are clearly labelled so users know where the information has come from and exactly where they can go to get more specialist information, or where to shop for equipment, clothing or events.

You can contribute as many items as you wish for any sports or activities; new items will usually appear at the top (or near the top- some articles are ‘pinned’ to the top) of the particular sport or activity page. It may move down over time as new items are contributed, but you can offer a revision* to bump it back up again.

  • No need to create an account or login
  • We’ll never ask for any payments or payment/bank details (it’s a completely free service)
  • You retain full legal rights (copyright) over any submission (you just give us permission to use it)
  • Ask for the item to be removed at any time

*Revisions should be noticeably different and resubmission of the same item to bump it back to the top is not allowed.

Becoming a contributer is easy, simply check out our ‘Contributions Guide’ for helpful advice on what we would like to see in a contribution and then e-mail us (info@drawntothewild.co.uk) with details of your website, your article or film clip, your website link that you would like to direct users to and a logo or graphic that we can include to highlight and promote your website.

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