Drawn to the Wild accept a huge and diverse range of articles, film clips and related material to include in our website with clear links to contributers websites. To contribute you should ensure your article, film clip etc. meets the following guidelines.

Drawn to the Wild reserves the right to not include any contribution that we feel does not fit correctly with the high standards our users expect, does not meet our contributions guidelines, is not about a subject we feel our users would be interested in or is not compatible with the goals and ideals of our website.

Guidelines: -

  • Contributions MUST promote correct and SAFE participation in a sport or outdoor activity or, where appropriate, include information on how to minimise risks that could cause harm to participants, other person, or cause damage to property or the environment.
  • Contributions MUST be in ENGLISH (film clips in foreign languages with clear English subtitles are acceptable), although the website the item is linked to may be in any language.
  • Contributions MUST NOT promote or encourage criminal activity, breaking laws or any discrimination of any person.
  • The use of language should be consistant with users of any age and should not include unnecessary profanity, swearing, inappropriate humour, rudeness or inflammatory words or phrases. Occasional use of mild language in video clips may be accepted providing there is a suitable warning at the start of the clip and on the title page.
  • Contributions MAY contain mild, infrequent nudity (no sexual activity) of adults (18 years old or over) if it is part of the narrative and is a necessary part of the clip, AND providing there is a suitable warning at the start of the clip and on the title page.
  • Contributions MUST NOT promote or show unnecessary cruelty to animals.
  • Contributions MUST NOT include any references to, promotion of, or information about any sport or activity that requires the use of projectile weapons* (guns, rifles etc.), explosives or similar. (Archery is acceptable).
  • Each contribution should have a ‘Title’ AND a short ‘Description’ for use on the sport/activity page, for example: - ‘Walking Boots’- ‘A Guide to Types of Boots Available’. A link will then take the user to a page containing the article, video clip etc.
  • Contributions should NOT be similar to any item already featured on Drawn to the Wild unless there is a clear distinction in the information provided.
  • The primary aim of any contribution MUST be to impart information, this may be done in an amusing or entertaining way, where appropriate, but contributions designed solely for entertainment purposes with little or no informative value are unlikely to be included.
  • Contributers MUST be the legal owner of any copyright or other intellectual property rights of any article, photograph, picture, drawing, recording, video clip or any other submission, or have written permission from the rights holder allowing its use on Drawn to the Wild. You MUST also have permission from any individuals featured in any pictures, voice recordings or video clips to use their image or voice in a contribution.
  • New contributions will normally be placed at the top of the relevant sport or activity page and older contributions moved down, however, Drawn to the Wild reserves the right to place a contribution in any position within the page, where appropriate.
  • Drawn to the Wild reserves the right to remove a contribution at any time.
  • Drawn to the Wild will remove contributers work including links, if requested, within 7 days.
  • Contributors may also “Advertise” on the Drawn to the Wild website though our advertising options (a paid for service) but this service is kept completely separate from contributing and there is no requirement to become an advertiser in order to contribute or vice versa.
  • Contributors will be required to provide a “Release” giving Drawn to the Wild permission to use the contributed item.

*Drawn to the Wild does NOT promote or endorse any sport or activity which uses projectile weapons (guns, rifles etc.) this includes but not limited to: - target shooting (including air rifles), clay pigeon shooting, hunting, and paint balling. Drawn to the Wild reserves the right to reject any contributions (regardless of content) where the links connect to a website which MAIN business is related to these type of activities or sports. Websites who feature these types of activities as a MINORITY part of their business will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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