Active Jogging Safety Briefing

Fotolia_69690786_XSJogging is a very safe activity enjoyed by many people in a wide variety of different places. However, there are a few safety tips to help ensure you stay fit and well.

-----Keep Cool-----

Depending on the weather it is possible to get overheated when jogging so cooler, lightweight clothing that allow ease of body movement is more suitable. In colder climates it may be necessary to add more layers.

-----Be Seen-----

If you are jogging in the dark, you should wear reflective clothing so vehicles can see you easily, and it is possible to get small lightweight torches that clip onto your clothing at the front and rear to make you even more visible in darker areas.

-----Stay Well Hydrated-----

It is also important to stay well hydrated when jogging, especially over long distances and/or in hot weather so drink clear, non-alcoholic, fluids before during and after jogging.

-----Watch out for other road users-----

If you are jogging along roads or busy pavements/paths be aware of other walkers, joggers and vehicles which may not realise how fast you are going or which direction.

-----Rest as Often as you Need-----

You should pay careful attention to your body, if you strain a muscle or feel pain in your joints it is worth resting up until it gets better, continued activity such as jogging which involves shocks to your joints (feet hitting the ground with each step) can make injuries worse. If in doubt seek expert medical advice. Additionally if you are pushing yourself too hard and getting too worn out it can be detrimental to your health and can also make you lose motivation.




Professional Training: Nothing can compare to professional training delivered by qualified trainers who can carefully guide you through how to safely learn and practice the required techniques in a controlled environment.

Medical Advice: Before taking part in a new sport or activity you should consult your doctor or other healthcare worker to identify any potential risks to your wellbeing. This is particularly important if you are pregnant, elderly, suffered previous injuries, suffering from a long term medical condition, or disabled. Whilst these conditions do not preclude you from taking part in most activities, getting advise can help you adapt to suit your individual needs.

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