Fotolia_69690786_XSClimbing is a very safe activity in the Active Zone but there are a few safety points to ensure you stay safe and healthy, and get the maximum amount of fun out of this great activity.

SAFETY GEAR: - A harness and a helmet are ESSENTIAL items for climbing in the Active Zone. Whether you are climbing at an artificial climbing wall or a simple ‘top rope’ rock climb outside, you will definitely need these two items. The harness will secure you safely to the rope that will hold you if you accidentally slip off of the wall. It is important that it fits correctly and is of good construction. Helmets will protect your head from falling items (rocks, other climbers’ shoes etc.) and from your head striking a wall or rock if you slip.

Both of these items should be safety tested regularly by a competent person to ensure they are fit for use. If you are buying your own safety equipment you should buy NEW, as you never know what has happened to secondhand items, and buy from a reputable shop where knowledgeable staff can properly size the items for you and show you how they work properly.

NEVER use safety equipment that has been damaged or involved in a fall (harness) or heavy strike (helmet).

ALWAYS replace equipment that has gone past its usability time (harnesses and helmets will usually have a time frame of safe use, which will vary depending on the frequency and type of use).

CLOTHING and HAIR: - There are no real requirements to wear particular clothes when climbing, but full length sleeves and trousers will cover your skin and help prevent scrapes or grazes from occasional slips; even artificial climbing walls can be rough and sharp! Loose fitting clothing allow for ease of movement of your arms and legs and help you move easier on the wall but avoid clothing with long tassels, loose hoods, drawstrings or other dangling items, or secure these loose bits out of the way or tuck them in wherever possible to ensure they do not get caught or snagged on any of the climbing equipment, holds or rocks.


Professional Training: Nothing can compare to professional training delivered by qualified trainers who can carefully guide you through how to safely learn and practice the required techniques in a controlled environment.

Medical Advice: Before taking part in a new sport or activity you should consult your doctor or other healthcare worker to identify any potential risks to your wellbeing. This is particularly important if you are pregnant, elderly, suffered previous injuries, suffering from a long term medical condition, or disabled. Whilst these conditions do not preclude you from taking part in most activities, getting advise can help you adapt to suit your individual needs.

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