Get into Active Climbing

Climbing is a fun and challenging sport which can be easy to get into, with many indoor and outdoor climbing walls throughout the UK and abroad. Despite the adrenaline, physical exertion and possible fear factor; climbing on artificial climbing walls is actually exceedingly safe. Provided you are shown how to climb safely with the correct equipment and you have a competent person to “belay” you (hold your rope) then the chance of an accident occurring is very low. Fotolia_74514048_XS

If you are a total novice it is best to try and make contact with a local climbing wall, or climbing club; many of which offer taster sessions or one off bookings if you want to try out the activity to see if you like it. Once you have got the climbing “bug” you can learn how to belay others, plan challenging routes and have a fun and exciting time. When you are ready you can move on to some simply outdoor climbs with someone competent to belay you. Frequent practice is a good way of building fitness and helping your hands, fingers and arms develop to support your weight whilst you are climbing.

Active Zone Climbing can enable participants to build muscle, get fit, overcome a fear of heights, develop team work and communication skills and challenge yourself in a safe but exciting environment.

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